Build Your Own Power Bank

Are there times your phone bailed out on you when you needed to make an important call to your boss? or when you needed to call your wife that you’re still on the way home when it’s late at night? or when you needed to text an important information to a client?

Okay you got a power bank, yeah but for how much? At what quality? You could put those resources into building your own power bank easily at a cost effective amount. Let’s get started.

What you need to carry out this project

  • 4V Lipo battery, get it here
  • MT3608 dc-dc 24V booster.
  • TL4056 lithium ion charger.
  • A spare USB cord.

The Lipo battery delivers 4v maximum but your mobile phone needs 5v. Therefore, we boost the voltage using our dc-dc booster to 5v. The only downside is that it reduces the current, but no worries because the output current would be enough to charge your mobile phone.

Step 1: Circuitry

The power bank circuit
The power bank circuit

All you need to do next is get a USB cord, strip the end that goes into your charger and leave the end that goes into your phone. Connect the positive/negative of the cord to the positive/negative of the dc-dc booster.  Plug a spare USB cord into the TL4056 to charge the Lipo battery and test the output of the dc-dc booster, if it reads more than 5V, turn the potentiometer on it till you read a maximum of 5v (4.9~).

That’s all folks.

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